Activities 8 years

Play & Chat

Here you can hang out with all teens at the hotel and you have a chance to meet some new friends. Chill out, play some games or go creative with our Teen Host. We have three Play Station 4 and a lot of different games.

Water Sport & Water games

Pool Games
  • Crazy jumps, spoon diving and swimming tournaments in the pool are some of the activities that make it fun to hang with us for this activity.
Water Polo
  • Let´s play a ballgame in the pool. We compete against each other in the water.


Football /  Beach Volleyball / Land Hockey
  • We play the classic and popular sports in various tournaments divided into teams. Who will win?
Boot Camp / Beach Boot Camp
  • We do different training exercises combined with fun competitions.
  • Everyone challenges everyone in the exciting tournaments where speed and precision comes in handy.

Quiz & Games

Photo Buster / Balloon Hunt / Quiz / Point Hunt / Go & Get It
  • Find the hidden things, follow the clues and collect points.
Kubb & Konge Spillet / Water Bottle Game
  • Concentrate and throw as precise as possible. The best aim will win the game.

Creative & Arts

  • Join us and make your own cool accessories like friendship bracelets or key-rings.

Evening Happenings

Pool Party
  • We meet and hang out while enjoying some snacks by the pool side. We will have fun and challenge each other in different competitions in the water.
Pizza Movie Night
  • A relaxing activity after a day of fun. Lean back, watch a movie and enjoy some snacks.
Pizza Games Night
  • We meet, hang out, eat pizza and play games.

Other Activities

  • If you would like to do some activities with family and friends, you have the opportunity to play darts, football and table tennis.